I had heard the word “synchronicity” many times, but I had never quite understood it until I experienced it strongly and clearly. Synchronicity is a concept that can be difficult to define, but it is often associated with a sense of meaning or purpose in our lives. According to science, synchronicity events are nothing but chance occurrences from a statistical point of view, but they are meaningful enough to draw our attention. From a spiritual perspective, synchronicity is often seen as a sign that the universe, a higher power, or our own higher self is guiding us on our path. It is viewed as a manifestation of the Law of Attraction, meaning that we are attracting positive experiences and moving towards our goals.

Looking back at my life, I can see how synchronicity has played a powerful role in guiding me towards my path when I was unsure of myself. I had reached a point where I wanted a meaningful change in my life, but I didn’t understand what that change would be. In short, I had lemons but didn’t know how to make lemonade! I had immersed myself in the world of art and colors, creating artwork that brought me joy but had no purpose. While experimenting with different mediums and techniques, one day, I created an abstract fluid art using balloon technique. I was drawn towards it by the vibrant colors and the magical flowers that manifested from the technique. Once completed, I felt that something was missing in it, and I pondered on it for a few days. Not sure why or how, but I ended up creating two hummingbirds hovering over the flowers, and that completed my unfinished artwork on canvas.

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I was quite satisfied with this work and called my friend to share my creativity, who was also at a similar juncture in her life dealing with her own lemons! She saw the work and instantly fell in love with it. After a few days, she came back to me with an idea that changed our lives. She proposed that we should create a scarf based on the artwork and that she knew an artist who could replicate it on silk fabric. It made me so excited that I created a small hummingbird design on my sketchpad based on fluid art, which became our first jewelry design. We started our production based on this idea and started our beautiful journey but we were still raw and unsure. A month down the lane, my friend called me at an odd hour, which made me worried, but what she shared blew my mind!

That night, she was working at her desk as usual, managing production issues which is not an easy job! She looked up towards the framed picture hanging on the wall and jumped! It was a picture that was given to her by the same artist ten years back while she was visiting Jaipur for some work. They had kept in touch, and she had helped him with small commissions and assignments. In fact, he is our artist who had painted the hummingbird stole for us and is part of our small team now. She had forgotten; the picture was of a hummingbird! That night, the first month into our new journey, we discussed for hours why she had fallen for the hummingbird instantly, how each of these events connected to the next and how they ultimately led us to decide to start a new venture together. This new realization reinforced our true calling and ignited our passion.

Recognizing synchronicity is important, but following it is vital. Synchronicity is a sign that a higher power or the universe is guiding us on our path. That night, this belief was strengthened in us, that the meaningful coincidences were telling us that we are on the right path with a common vision. Our experience helped us become cognizant of meeting the right people using synchronicity, which requires a combination of awareness, intuition, and openness. The universe is always giving us signs, we just have to pay attention by becoming calm from inside. When you do notice synchronistic connections, follow up on them. Reach out to people you meet, even if it’s just to say hello or express your appreciation for their work. You never know where a connection may lead.  This journey is new but the wealth of experience is helping us evolve both as a human and as entrepreneurs.

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